Quality, Service, Reliability...

Quality, Service, Reliability...

Established in 1929.  John Deere Dealer since 1979.

Our customers are part-time farmers, full-time farmers, Agricultural Contractors, Builders, Plant hire contractors. 

In the mid 1980's when silage became very popular, the demand for self-propelled forage harvesters grew, also the demand for higher quality - higher horsepower tractors and stronger heavy-duty mower conditioners.

John Deere have everything we need to provide an Agricultural Contractor with the perfect solution for running the most reliable, most efficient and most profitable agricultural contracting operation.

We also sell, service and provide spare parts for:   Hi-Spec Engineering (Vactanks,Sidespreaders,Slurry Agitators) , Rauch (fertiliser spreaders) , NC Engineering (Slurry Agitators) , McConnel (hedgecutters) , Caroni (finishing mowers), Rabe (Ploughs and Power harrows), John Deere lawnmowers.